Hi I’m Jack Deakin and I set up Jack & Deakin in Australia in 2018. We’re a design and fashion inspired eco friendly drinkware brand for men and women. It all started with my interest in design and style and my ambition to find a way to reduce single use plastic. I was working in a coffee shop in Bondi Beach and noticed the amount of single use paper cups that were being used everyday. I couldn't believe the lack of awareness and the waste that was being produced and how impactful it was for the environment. That then got me thinking about single use plastics. The figures were outrageous. Over 20,000 plastic bottles are bought every second worldwide. That's 480 billion a year. I believe that as a community with the use of social media and the internet we are at a time where we can spread knowledge about single use plastics and sustainability and make a positive impact very quickly. We are focused on helping people who are becoming more aware of the importance of reusable products, without compromising on style and design.  Educating people that may not have the knowledge about how single use plastics are having such a big impact on our environment is so important.  I believe that if we can combine style, fashion and sustainability we will be able to spread awareness faster and to a wider audience. We will constantly be evolving over time bringing you more of the most stylish products in the industry.

Thanks for visiting our page. Enjoy our products. Jack